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Let's Get You Feeling Better...
Transformational programs & online courses


From your biology, to your lifestyle... you are unique and deserve an approach to your health that is centered around your specific needs. Each offering helps you uncover what your body needs in a non intimidating, approachable atmosphere. Expect to feel supported and empowered as you deeply nourish your body for long lasting results! 

Individual 1:1 support...

Comprehensive Assessment

In this 90 minute session you'll develop clarity and deep understanding around your body's needs! With a thorough review of your nutritional assessment questionnaire, health history, food log, and more, Shannon will design customized recommendations that can easily fit into your life. Each participant will get a "recap" email + a follow up, and can apply the cost of this session to a longer duration program if you choose.  (Scroll below to register or email

1:1 Programs

Imagine having someone to ask questions to, and being able to quickly shoot over a voice memo about something you're experiencing, and getting an answer with a reply that can help right away.. these programs are designed to help you through the process every step of the way! Whether you need a little more guidance, or just someone to hold you accountable, these programs are customized to fit your needs so you can feel confident in your health journey! Apply here!

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Self Paced, Online Courses...

All you should have been taught about women's health in high school. This 5 week program is designed to help you:

  • Break up with period pain

  • Support hormones and use your cycle to generate sustainable energy 

  • Enhance moods throughout the month

  • Take the mystery out of fertility

  • Get you prepared for various stages of life like pregnancy and perimenopause

  • Use nutrition and lifestyle to see those results you've been after..

Alongside a group of women in the Private FB Group, who *get it*. It's time you start feeling more like you all month long...

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Having an upset stomach, bloat, highly sensitive stomach, brain fog, and inflammation are giant red flags that there's something deeper going on... and over 90% of the time it can be traced back to poor gut health. 

This 4 week course provides you with the tools to support your digestive system so you can go out to eat without panicking about a "flare up," and feel confident in your body as you keep bloat away. 

Curious about issues like Candida, Parasites, and SIBO? This course has you covered, providing you with the information and actionable steps to enhance your health! 

Find the details here! 

Each course includes lifetime access to material + regular updates & the option to work with me 1:1 at a discounted rate for 2 sessions!

Energy From Within Book

“The comprehensive assessment with Shannon was a game changer!… Shannon really takes the time to get to know your history, concerns, and goals and is a pleasure to work with… 10/10 recommend”


Shannon's Top Picks...

The brands and products I love for their quality and the results they provide! 



My favorite brand for supplements that support detoxification. The binders, KL support, and Advanced TUDCA are my go to products for enhancing liver health and assisting in the removal of toxins. Use code m4MYUwkV to order. Click Here.


Mess Free Bone Broth

Bone broth is nutrient dense and highly supportive for gut health, but, can sometimes be a pain to make your own! Kettle and Fire has high quality bone broths that you can easily keep in your pantry for when you're craving that extra gut support! I also love to cook with it to add more protein to my meals. Use code HEALTHWITHSHANNON to save 20% on your order here! 



Convenient herbal support that you can take with you on the go to avoid an upset stomach or bloat! My favorites are the Bloat and Gas Relief and the Heartburn + Indigestion Relief! Use code HEALTHWITHSHANNON to save 20% at check out! 


Empirica Supplements

High quality supplements, crafted with intention, to support your needs! I personally love the Tri-Mag and BCAA's, as well as the fact that you can make a customized pack of supplements! Use code HEALTHWITHSHANNON to save money at check out. Click here.


Microbiome Labs

One of the only probiotics I would trust for my clients! Microbiome labs is my favorite brand for high quality probiotics that survive digestion. Click here for 10% off


Mushroom Coffee

The stuff I can't live without. This coffee comes with the powerful addition of Reishi mushroom spores, providing a potent dose of the healing powers of this herb. As someone who is highly sensitive to caffeine, this has never given me a problem, compared to other brands. Click here to order!

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