Thank You to my amazing clients!

"Working with Shannon was EXACTLY what I needed to kickstart my journey to truly optimize my health. Before working with her, I was totally addicted to sugar, struggled to workout more than 1-2x per week, and was dealing with some digestion-related issues. Shannon helped me gain a greater understanding of the way my body works and what it needs to feel good. She also suggested so many healthy choices and “systems” (delicious snacks, supplements, morning routine additions, weekend health hacks, etc.) that were easy to implement with great results. By the end of working together, I had significantly cut down on my sugar, decreased stomach irritation, and started working out a minimum of 3-5x a week consistently for 6 weeks. It was great to have her background in functional nutrition, pilates, and other bodies of knowledge to gain a holistic understanding of my optimal health. Would definitely recommend to others!"- Taylor

"I’ve been training with Shannon twice a week for almost 2 years.  She is by far the most knowledgeable trainer I’ve had (and I’ve been around a lot of them).  Her broad experience and education allow Shannon to bring a holistic approach to attacking and achieving your fitness goals.  I advise anyone of any fitness level to reach out to Shannon to see how she can help you to get on the road to a healthier body.  It could change your life."  Adam

"I started working with Shannon a few years after my son was born as a way to ensure I could keep up with him for years to come (I am In my early 40s) and to be able to reconnect with my active old self.  I have some weight to lose but every time I would jump into any kind of fitness routine I would seem to get injured in some way and discouraged.  I have been working with Shannon for almost 2 years now and have never felt better.  I enjoy working out injury free and challenging myself to keep up with the great complete body workouts she puts together for me in my busy schedule each week.  Shannon is an incredible trainer- every single workout is thoughtful and complete and never boring.  She is incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, professional, positive and inspiring and a joy to have as my guide on my fitness journey.  We have also just begun working on nutrition together as well and I am learning so much and looking forward to seeing great results.  I am incredibly grateful for Shannon and highly recommend her to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals." -Meg

"Shannon is the best trainer I've ever had. I have been working out with her three times per week and the result has been a complete transformation.  The way Shannon designs a workout and guides you through it is different from what I've experienced in the past.  More than just improving strength, she has emphasized improving core, mobility and functionality. She's always changing it up, adjusting when needed, and making sure the right stretching and balancing movements are part of the workout. Shannon is also a complete professional, always engaged, always organized"- JR

"I’m 54-years old and proactively trying to avoid the high cost of healthcare by staying healthy, strong, and flexible.  I would rather pay a professional trainer to keep me healthy than pay doctors and pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms of aging and declining health.  I view Shannon as a critical part of my personal healthcare program.  I wish I could say I love to exercise, but I’m quite the slacker when it comes to physical activities.  Shannon quickly figured out that she can get my best effort for the entire session as long as she distracts me with conversation.  We chat about all subject matter and tend to laugh so much that others around us wonder how we’re having so much fun during a workout.  She does a thorough job of designing my workouts to fit my age, abilities, and daily aches or weaknesses.  She constantly mixes it up so that it covers all muscle groups and allows the proper rest time while preventing repetitious boredom.  I simply have to show up and engage.  I highly recommend adding Shannon to your personal health and wellness routine and let her customize a fun personal program for you!  She has greatly improved my mobility and strength, as well as lowered my anxiety and stress.  You will enjoy her enthusiastic spirit, knowledgeable professionalism, and constant quest to give you her best!"- Jolene