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Meet Shannon Dolan


Hi, I'm Shannon! After being in the fitness and health world since 2012, I have seen my fair share of people living in dysfunction. 

Bloating, fatigue, stomach discomfort and brain fog are among the few symptoms I see on a daily basis. 


I am on a mission to help you find the solutions to improve your health. It lights me up to be able to help someone who is feeling lost, out of touch and betrayed by their body, become confident and empowered. 


Through tailored programs combining Nutritional Therapy, lifestyle coaching, and movement practices, I can help you find long lasting success on your health journey! 

These programs are all online and customizable to what you need! 

The Gift of Energy


Within each program there will be an emphasis on Nutritional Therapy to find out what imbalances are happening within the body. Utilizing a real, whole foods approach, Nutritional Therapy works by finding ways to allow the body to achieve optimal function. This leads to more productivity and energy, allowing you to get the most out of your life!

In addition to Nutritional Therapy I give you lifestyle tools that can further transform your energy. Shifting perspective, managing stress, and adding in appropriate movement practices will allow you to feel your best!

These programs aren't a quick fix, but rather a  way for you to understand your body for the LONG HAUL. 

If you are a female entrepreneur, busy 9-5er, or trying to make your dreams come true, know that I am rooting for you! 

Make sure to grab my free guide below to start managing stress, boosting energy, and balancing hormones today! 

Free Guide to Fueling the Female Entrepreneur

Group Programs: 
Learn alongside incredible women that will help support you to get to the next level. These programs are designed specifically to address a needed health concern. 
Next group program: Busy and Balanced
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One on One Programs: 
These programs are customizable to meet your specific needs. In these programs we will uncover the specific needs of your body through detailed questionnaires and intake forms. 
Master Your Health Program: 
  • Nutritional therapy based
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 8 one on one virtual coaching calls
  • Access to resources and support from FNTP Shannon Dolan
  • 3 month commitment
Complete Transformation Program:
  • Nutritional therapy based plus fitness program
  • Customized fitness program sent to your inbox every 2 weeks
  • 16 one on one coaching calls
  • Weekly check in's 
  • Access to resources and support from FNTP Shannon Dolan
  • 6 month commitment 

Austin, TX

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