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Helping you Have, Do, Be, and Achieve without Burnout

Supporting High Achievers and Entrepreneurs

+ Corporate Wellness for Teams Across the Globe


Break Free from Overwhelm

The "should's" are taking over your mind. You're constantly taking advice from people online, only to fall short when results don't happen. You feel like once you make a decision to do something, someone tells you that it's not "the best way," so then you just give up. 

At Health With Shannon we break down what your needs are in simple terms with recommendations that are accessible. 

You walk away with clarity, understanding, and feeling like your brain and body just took a giant deep breath! 


Approachable Tools For Your Lifestyle

Giving you a load of "to-do's" for your recommendations when you're already in an activated nervous system response won't help you. By providing you recommendations that meet you where you are you can start experiencing results without feeling like you have to overhaul your life. 

Overtime you'll look around and realize how much change you've made that brings you to lasting results! 


Radiant Energy + Lasting Results

Imagine what would be possible if you had even the slightest bit of energy? What would your life look like? 

Whether you're a leader in an organization, an entrepreneur, parent, or someone who has a variety of passions there's one thing that's certain- you could use more energy!

By focusing on body's needs, enhancing your nervous system health, and providing you the tools to support your body during stress you'll start to feel that radiant, authentic energy emerge!

Nourishing the Female Leader Workshop

Effective leadership comes from those that are regulated within their nervous systems and feel safe within their body. 

Whether you're a team leader, an solo entrepreneur, a multi-passionate creative, a parent, or all of the above- this workshop will provide you the tools to deeply support your body so you can operate from a space that is filled with authentic energy, alignment, and keeps your creative juices flowing!  

Meet Shannon

Speaker, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Specialist in Behavioral Change

Hey! I'm Shannon & I'm passionate about helping you live your best life without crashing into burnout. 

Having experienced burnout I know first hand how much life it can suck out of you- not to mention all the symptoms that come with it. 

Burnout doesn't have to happen. You can have success without sacrificing all of you to get there. 

My clients are all living proof of this! I've helped women all over the world feel empowered in their body while reducing adverse symptoms and have worked with brands you'd recognize to help support their body's during stressful times. 

I blend my 13+ years of experience working with people in nutritional therapy, functional movement, herbalism, behavioral change, and somatic healing to create results that last.

Special shout out to Austin, TX for voting me Top Nutritionist for 3 years in a row! 

I cannot say enough good things about working with Shannon.. her support is unmatched! I don't think I would have made it through all my health ups and downs over the past few years without Shannon's insight, knowledge, and guidance..."

-Terri S.

Working with Shannon has truly changed so much for me. it was crazy to see her recommendations make such big changes in the way I feel physically and mentally. The support I received from her was absolutely amazing and I learned SO MUCH!!

- Sam B.

After just one session, I had so much clarity and a solid game plan in place to help me detox and support my immune system, gut, and periods. Shannon really takes the time to get to know your history, concerns, and goals and is a pleasure to work with. You can tell she truly cares.

- Lisa B. 

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The Health With Shannon Roadmap to Results:

Discover your body's specific needs

Optimize Nutrition & Lifestyle

Regulate the Nervous System

Live in harmony with your innate wisdom

Enjoy bountiful energy for long term! 


Health & Resilience Requires A Nervous System That Feels Safe. 

Break free from the path of burnout.

Online Courses & Additional Resources:


Feminine Vitality

Dedicated to helping women understand their cycles, how to improve them, and ways to support their fertility. This is everything you should have been taught in High School! You'll feel confident navigating various life events related to being a female & feel empowered in your skin!


Gut Makeover

Designed to help you beat bloat, minimize digestive discomfort, and establish regularity with your digestion! You'll uncover the nutrition, tools, and easy to follow steps to support your gut and reduce inflammation. Perfect for those wanting to cut through the noise and get self paced support!


Free Resources

Hormone Health Handout- a guide to help you support your hormones to help with regular periods! Click Here!

Gut Rehab 101- a starting point to gut health that breaks down considerations when it comes to gut health + some ideas of supplements to have on hand!

Click Here!

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