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Shannon Dolan

Helping high achievers live in harmony with their body to so they can feel nourished and energized as they reach their goals vs. depleted and burned out.

1:1 programs, Corporate Wellness & Online Courses

Let's get you feeling more like you..


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At Health With Shannon We Are Committed To:

  • Helping you understand your body's signals and needs so you can give yourself with the nourishment that results in you feeling your best.

  • Providing information that is not only backed by science, but is practical, approachable and works with your lifestyle.

  • Creating a safe space where you are supported and heard throughout your health journey. 

  • Helping you live a life in harmony with your innate wisdom so you can avoid burnout and begin to thrive

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What Clients Are Saying...

"Working with Shannon was EXACTLY what I needed to kickstart my journey to truly optimize my health... would definitely recommend to others.."


"Shannon is a wealth of knowledge and energy! She helped me jump start a health transformation. Working with her was truly a joy... Working with her was truly invaluable."


".. It's hard some days...Shannon is there to help get you into a routine that is not at all invasive or hard. I learned so much about myself..."


"...she's very good at suggesting tips for adding in more nutritious foods..This approach made for a more comfortable transition into a more balanced diet.."  


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Let's Work Together

My online courses + 1:1 programs are designed to help you balance hormones, support your gut health & maintain sustainable energy by providing approachable recommendations you can integrate into your life!


Feminine Vitality

Your cycle shouldn't be a nightmare every month. Gain the tools to improve periods, limit PMS, and use your cycle to prevent burnout!

5 weeks, self paced, lifetime access

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Gut Makeover

Improve digestion, support detoxification, and get the tools to support your gut + decrease food sensitivities. 

4 weeks, self paced, lifetime access 

Get the details! Click here


Corporate Wellness & 1:1

Impactful keynote presentations, transformational programs, and workshops available to help employees build resilience to stress and support their body. 

Apply here for 1:1 programs &

Email for inquiries on corporate wellness:

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Get Science Backed Health Tips in Your Inbox:

Join me every week for trainings, tips, and resources on all things holistic health! Download the free guides to start!


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Watch the Free Master Class "How To Use Your Cycle for More Energy! Click Here

My favorite things...

I believe in the best of the BEST for my own health and my clients. 

Click here for some of my favorite things to get you on track to your health journey. 

**Make sure to do a comprehensive assessment with me prior to starting a protocol. 

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