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This comprehensive session is for the person looking to get a taste of Nutritional Therapy and a roadmap for results! 


This session will help you gain deeper awarness regarding what your body is missing, why those cravings are popping up, and the root behind those pesky symptoms. 


This session includes:

  • Thorough review of Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Food and Mood Log, Health History, Goals, and any current blood work (*blood work isn't required for this session)
  • A 90 minute call diving deeper into what it is you're experiencing, your lifestyle, and what you have access to. 
  • From there you'll have beginning recommendations for food, lifestyle, and supplements to help support your body
  • In addition to your 90 minute call you'll get an email outlining all that we talked about and follow up and check in a few weeks later!  



  • Once you sign up you will get an email from me with a digital download to get you started on learning
  • I will then provide you with the proper paperwork through Nutri-Q software
  • Once the paperwork is filled we can schedule your appointment! 

(please give 48 hours to recieve Nutri-Q paperwork)


Ready to start understanding your body? Sign up today! 


*one purchase per customer

Comprehensive Assessment Session

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