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Your business is only as good as the health of your team.

Burnout is negatively impacting businesses all over the world. With impacts on performance, productivity, and creativity- burnout can leave your team and your business at a stand still.

At Health With Shannon we help support organizations on a foundational level through education and programs around nervous system health. The result: a more resilient, healthier team that can think outside the box, build momentum, and come up with creative ideas, even during challenging times. 

What We Do:

At Health With Shannon we help team members learn how to nourish and support their body during stressful times. 

We offer keynote presentations, workshops, and inclusive transformational programs to help team members and organizations support their nervous system using nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset for enhanced creativity, productivity, and happiness. 

Who We Are:

Lead by recognized Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Shannon Dolan, we use her extensive background of education, lived experience, and science backed information to help team members reduce stress and ward off chronic illness. 

Programs available in person or virtually.


Keynote Talks

Signature Key Note presentations centering around nervous system health and how to nourish your body effectively to reduce stress. 

Customized talks and presentations are available for your team members specific needs. 

These talks help boost creativity, inspiration, and give your team a starting point to enhancing their overall health and wellbeing. 

Dry Woods


Single or multiple day workshops give team members in depth tools to generate sustainable energy, boost mental and physical recovery, and find balance through nervous system health.

This is a great option for organizations looking for team experiences as well as, to enhance outcomes before large projects and busy seasons.



6 month transformational programs are a blend of coaching and education to support your team more in depth. 

Participants will gain tools to support their long term health, improve their energy, and enhance their overall mood. 

These programs help team members build accountability with one another and  provide a sense of community, all of which can be impactful for life satisfaction.

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