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For Hormonal & Menstrual Health, enroll in this course for accredited, self paced instruction!


For Gut Health enroll in this self paced, 4 week course giving you everything you need to improve your gut health! 

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For those wanting to explore multiple areas in healing, use THIER body as a guide & get 2 1:1 sessions enroll in this course!

For 1:1 Programs- Apply Here!

These programs are highly supportive & provide unique protocols to help you with your health needs. Space is limited.

Shannon's Top Picks:


Hilma Supplements

My go to herbal supplements for gas & bloat or upset stomach relief!


These supplements do not have any fillers and use pure ingredients to help you feel better fast! 

Use code HEALTHWITHSHANNON for 20% off


King Coffee

Powerful reishi mushroom spores blended with coffee to help:

Drive down inflammation

Improve cellular health

Help the body with stress

Create an indulgent morning without the anxiety that comes with coffee & all the added perks of reishi mushroom!


Bone Broth

My favorite Gut Health tool! Bone broth has many healing properties including protein via connective tissue that provides incredible sources of vitamins and minerals! My go to to soothe the gut!

Use code HEALTHWITHSHANNON for 20% off your entire purchase! 



Microbiome labs utilizes spore based probiotics that survive digestion. The best probiotics on the market as they survive digestion!


Book a free discovery call to consult with me before purchasing supplements & consult with your doctor.



Cellcore supplements are potent and high quality. The fundamental protocols for digestion and drainage are imperative for detoxification and gut health. 

My favorties are Bowel Mover, Biotoxin Binder, and Advanced TUDCA


Use code m4MYUwkV to order after an initial call with me & consult with your doctor. 


Manuka Honey

Manuka Mana utilizes the power of New Zealand Manuka Honey (antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory) plus super foods like mushrooms & herbs in tinctures & tasty honey blends! 

My favorite is the superfood blend! Use HEALTHWITHSHANNON for 15% off!

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