The Power of 3 program is designed to help kickstart you into your health journey! 


You will finally start to understand what your body needs, how to achieve the goals you have set out for you, and get a glimpse into what it is like working with me! 


How it works:

You get 3 zoom calls with me to go over nutrition, movement, and mindset. At the end of this package you will also recieve a discount on my other long term programs to continue helping you improve your health!  


Nutrition: Start understanding what those symtoms you are experiencing mean and uncover why they are occuring. By the end of this session you will gain clarity as to what your body needs and understand ways to use nutrition to make it feel its best! 


Movement: Let's sweat! This session is half a workout and half a learning expererience! I will guide you through a workout that you can do at home and follow that up with a discussion about how to structure your own workouts to elicit results! 


Mindset: During this call I will help you uncover your barriers and limiting beliefs surrounding your ability to create the life you have always wanted. I will also teach you how to do stress management techniques like meditation, journaling and gratitude. 


Ready to start using this down time to enhance your life!? 


Sign up today!!


PS use code CORONA for 13% off at checkout! This coupon is good until the end of the month! 

Power of 3 Program


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